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“Leaving Traces” is both a charity campaign and a limited-edition pillow series. In cooperation with the Manja Gideon Foundation (MGF) in Zurich, textile entrepreneur Martina Unternaehrer is raising awareness for women’s health and ovarian cancer with this creative design project.

From left to right: Simone Huser, Sibylle Kuhn, Janet Mueller, Larissa Kramer and Martina Unternaehrer.
From left to right: Simone Huser, Sibylle Kuhn, Janet Mueller, Larissa Kramer and Martina Unternaehrer.

“I was intruiged by the work of the Manja Gideon Foundation (MGF), which provides counseling and outreach related to ovarian cancer – a condition that receives insufficient attention, as most people are poorly informed about it. I also wanted to raise the profile of Swiss female designers. We have so many talented women in this country. My aim was to give these designers the opportunity to showcase themselves and their work”, says Martina Unternaehrer.

She invited the designers Larissa Kramer, Janet Mueller, Simone Huser, and Sibylle Kuhn to design pillow covers. The limited edition includes 40 different pillow covers with distinctively female-centred designs.

This charitable initative showcases women and their perspectives. The participating designers give a unique meaning to sustainability, as they employ their talent for design to raise awareness for an important health issue. Each designer created ten unique pillowcases. “Every woman is unique; this is also true of women’s health”, says Martina Unternaehrer.

The originals of these covers can be ordered at

For each pillow cover sold, 50 CHF will be donated to MGF.

Download • 95KB

In an interview, Martina Unternaehrer explains why women’s health and ovarian cancer are so important to her. Additional information is also available at

INTERVIEW Martina English
Download PDF • 60KB

Every Monday starting next week, we will introduce a different designer and her perspective on ovarian cancer in a brief interview, while also presenting her pillow cover.

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