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Hereditary ovarian cancer

Scientists currently believe that at least 20% of malignant ovarian tumors (ovarian cancers) are caused by a genetic predisposition to develop this type of cancer.

This section is dedicated to providing information about hereditary ovarian cancer. It is true that there is a close correlation between breast cancer risk and ovarian cancer risk. However, since breast cancer is more common, better researched and much more firmly anchored in the public consciousness, the specific characteristics of ovarian cancer are easily overshadowed. We only touch on breast cancer when it is indispensable for the understanding of ovarian cancer.

The body of knowledge about hereditary forms of cancer is always developing. We teamed up with a scientific advisory board to compile up-to-date information in four thematic areas. The information is designed for people seeking advice, people who already have the disease, gene mutation carriers and anybody else interested in knowing more. The members of the scientific supervisory board are:


To obtain specific information, please contact specialized centers, genetic testing offices and specialist doctors. Find contacts here

Research-based pharmaceutical companies make a significant contribution to medical progress and the treatment of diseases thanks to their development of new active ingredients and treatments. Without the financial support of four companies that are committed to therapies for treating cancer, this section would not have been possible. That said, we want to take this opportunity to thank:

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