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Resource guide:

From doctors to self-help groups

There are doctors all over Switzerland from the SAKK network (SAKK = Swiss Working Group for Clinical Cancer Research) who offer genetic counseling and testing for a genetic predisposition to cancer in line with the Swiss Nursing Service Regulation (KVL):

Contact information is organized by canton and provides current addresses, the names of relevant contacts, email addresses and website info.

Genetic counseling and testing

Specialized clinical genetics laboratories

You can find specialized clinical genetics laboratories on the Swiss Association for Medical Genetics (SGMG) website:

Centers specialized in assessing and treating ovarian cancer

Consultation centers:

Here you can find a wealth of information and contact people well-versed in topics like psycho-oncology, psychology, child and adolescent psychology, family counseling, family support, health counseling and financial support.

Association for gynecological cancers

Manja Gideon Foundation –
Promoting awareness and research projects

Apps for information and networking:

Patient organizations

BRCA-Frauengruppe Schweiz
(BRCA women’s group Switzerland)

BRCA-Netzwerk Deutschland
(German BRCA Network)

Tel.: +49 800 58 925 63

Eierstockkrebs Deutschland e.V.

(German Ovarian Cancer Association)

Digital self-help group to deal with cancer without fear:

GZO Spital Wetzikon

(GZO Wetzikon Hospital)

Self-help groups

For people from families with hereditary cancers to get help and build support networks. Discussion groups offer a good opportunity to exchange information and experiences with other people who are BRCA carriers.

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Self-help center in the Winterthur region

Self-help in Lucerne, Obwalden and Nidwalden

Self-help in Switzerland

Regional self-help centers as places for contacts, information and consulting:

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