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We foster women’s health and mutual support networks

Together we’re stronger! Art installation made of plastic dolls, located in  Manja Gideon’s home.
© Photography: Mirjam Kluka

The Manja Gideon Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of and supporting research and projects related to ovarian cancer, HBOC, and BRCA gene mutations. Our foundation philosophy emphasizes collaboration and mutual support in the pursuit of empowering women and educating them about the symptoms, early detection and prevention of this disease. We provide specialized knowledge about ovarian cancer on this website and also participate in projects that align with our mission. Previous collaborative projects and more information can be found here.

Our Work

To apply for funding for research projects, events, publications, studies, etc., please fill out our application form in German and English. Each application must be submitted in both languages, and projects must reflect our foundation philosophy and promote our mission. The Foundation Board reviews and makes decisions on funding allocations twice per year, in April and October.

Apply for funding

We also welcome support such as personal involvement, professional expertise or donations. We will confirm your donation as soon as it is received. The Manja Gideon Foundation is registered as a charitable institution with the Cantonal Tax Office of Zurich, which means that your donation will be deductible for direct federal, cantonal and municipal income taxes in most cantons.

Support the foundation

Your donation brings us closer to our goal. You can support our work by making a contribution to our donations account: CH3300 206 2064 229 0201R, or by clicking on the button below.

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