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“Still a taboo topic”

Larissa, what does women’s health mean to you?

Women’s health, and in particular ovarian cancer, is difficult to talk about. The subject is still taboo. Everything concerning the reproductive organs is considered deeply private. For example, I knew this type of cancer existed, but I was unaware what the symptoms were and how difficult ovarian cancer is to diagnose. In creating this design, I did quite a lot of research on the issue of women and cancer.

Larissa Kramer, Sibylle Kuhn, Simone Huser and Janet Mueller
From left to right: Larissa Kramer, Sibylle Kuhn, Simone Huser and Janet Mueller

Why did you participate in the Storyfabrics + Manja Gideon Foundation project?

I was delighted to participate in the “Leaving Traces” edition and donate more than a third of the proceeds to the Manja Gideon Foundation. I find it extremely inspiring to collaborate on a project, develop ideas with others and work together as a team. It always renews my creative energy. The society of the future will necessarily be based on networking between people and mutual cooperation. The lonely egoism of focusing on money and professional success now belongs to a bygone era. I was previously not aware of the Manja Gideon Foundation. It's amazing that Manja Gideon’s mother agreed to her daughter’s last wish, and is so committed to the topic!

What sets your design apart?

I often use bird motifs, and birds are always important in my designs. The bird in this design is particularly special, because here I created a fantastic bird that is part sparrow, part swallow. He is strong and free. He seems joyful; he flies high and lifts his beak to the stars. Sickness takes away your freedom. These two birds playing in the air together symbolise how we are never alone. I have a big studio at home, so I can work and be with family at the same time. My passion is handling fabrics, working with them and embroidering them. A bird like this one on the pillow requires about 15,000 stitches. I draw it first, then digitise the image and use an embroidery machine to transfer the design to the pillow. It is important to raise awareness for rare forms of cancer. This is the reason why I support the cancer association Krebsliga Zürich as well as the Manja Gideon Foundation. My hope is that the soft pillows with their bird embroidery will animate more people to support charitable organisations.

Larissa Kramer studied fashion design; she makes fabric accessories including cushions, poufs, dresses, and bags. Her trademark is embroidery based on hand-drawn designs. After several productive years working in the fashion world in Paris, she now lives with her family near Brugg AG. She has three children (14, 11 and 7) and finds inspiration in nature.

The originals of these covers can be ordered at

For each pillow cover sold, 50 CHF will be donated to MGF.

Download • 95KB

Additional information is also available at

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