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Video Campaign by BRACHA

Our partner organisation has produced an awareness movie on its own initiative. The aim is to draw attention to the silent killer ovarian cancer.

There are new drugs, so-called PARP inhibitors, which are used to treat cancers, including ovarian cancer. A petition aims to have treatment with PARP inhibitors approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health from 2019 on. It is likely that the medication will prolong life. More information can be found here.

Lisa Cohen, founder of BRACHA, about the movie: "The fact that you cannot see the ovarian cancer doesn’t mean that it is not there. In this video, the women are hidden… so is ovarian cancer often hiding behind seemingly harmless symptoms. They are unrecognized by us, by our doctors, by everyone… until it is too late. Please share the video, so we raise awareness about the silent killer and save lives.“


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