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Our warmest thanks!

Our founder Manja Gideon loved striking costume jewellery and over her lifetime amassed a collection of unusual pieces. A large part of this collection was recently sold at a charity sale. All proceeds have been donated to the foundation.

Elke Berr (middle) and two Ladies from the Féminin Pluriel Switzerland network in Geneva. Some pieces of Manja Gideons fashion jewellery.
Elke Berr (middle) and two Ladies from the Féminin Pluriel. Some pieces of Manja Gideons fashion jewellery.

Gemologist and jewellery designer Elke Berr is inviting her clients, friends and jewellery collectors to a private sales event in Geneva which took place over several days during the Advent season ( Aside from presenting her own work, she organised a special exhibition with a sale of Manja Gideon’s bijoux fantaisies, or costume jewellery, thus giving the foundation the opportunity to present its work and goals in an intimate setting – notably to the members of Feminin Pluriel Switzerland network who were in attendance.

“This way the gems can have a new home,” said one woman and went on to purchase various bracelets and pairs of earrings. We are grateful for all the support and feel fortunate to get this extra boost to start new projects for raising awareness of ovarian cancer in 2020. As a charitable foundation, we are motivated by every little bit of assistance offered to us – whether it comes as personal involvement, expertise or financial donations.

Thank you Elke Berr & Partners for your much appreciated support!

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