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Focus Me – A new app for online support

The Focus Me app is now also giving women with different types of gynaecological cancer, such as ovarian cancer, a way to connect. The digital platform was developed by Roche Pharma (Switzerland) Ltd to empower women, help spread knowledge and create a network with independent partner organisations.

FocusMe Manja Gideon Foundation

Until now, Focus Me had only provided a way for women with breast cancer to connect with other patients and care providers. The app’s goal is to facilitate a personal exchange, get support, build up confidence and strength, and present new opportunities. Since a few days the Focus Me app is also open to women with other types of gynaecological cancer as well.

Seeking support in their everyday life, women can ask questions about ovarian cancer, a rare and aggressive type of cancer, in the protected environment of this secure online community. The app has a chat function and a personalised event calendar that lets you view local events or lectures based on your location and interests. All events are validated beforehand to ensure quality.

Users create their own profile where they can decide how much information they want to share with the community. The platform adheres to European and Swiss digital security standards.

During the app’s development, the Manja Gideon Foundation was repeatedly asked to give critical feedback, helping to define the standards and content of the app. We are proud to be official partners of the project and that the app is now available in five languages, including Ukrainian.

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