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A reassuring cancer podcast

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Wissen gegen Krebs Podcast

The “Wissen gegen Krebs” (EN: “Knowledge fights cancer”) podcast by the Swiss Cancer Research foundation presents experts who conduct cancer research. And since behind every case there is a human being with a unique story, cancer patients and their relatives also get to have their say. For example, in episode 17, we meet Hans-Peter Richterich, long-time head of Ricola and benefactor of the Swiss Cancer Research foundation. He talks about how, ever since his wife fell ill with and later died from ovarian cancer, he has been advocating tirelessly for ovarian cancer research. The same episode features Professor Viola Heinzelmann of the University Hospital Basel. She talks about her current work on a project that addresses how the prospects of ovarian cancer can be improved and the cancer’s recurrence mitigated. Episode 19 focuses on breast and ovarian cancer. The oncologist Salome Riniker, who does genetic counseling and educates people seeking advice, explains the connection between genetic mutations and the risk of illness.

Every month a new episode comes out that offers insights into the projects supported by the Swiss Cancer Research foundation. We’ve given it a listen and recommend every one of the 20 episodes published to date.

Find all the episodes here

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