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Staying active – despite the pandemic

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The magazine Schule and Leben is the publication of the Alumni Association of the Hottigen Canton School in Zurich (VEKHZ), the school from which Erika Gideon, the president of our foundation, graduated in 1953. Peter Rütsche, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, recently paid her a visit to talk with her about ovarian cancer. A topic that has in many ways been buried over past several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic – even though, unfortunately, ovarian cancer is completely indifferent to it.

Women are still contracting the disease. They need information and the best medical attention and care. It is therefore as important as ever to spread the latest information about and raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

Erika Gideon at her desk
Erika Gideon at her desk

In his editorial, Peter Rütsche writes: “You hear people talking constantly in the media about how certain industries (e.g. the tourism industry or the cultural sector) are being hit especially hard by COVID-19 restrictions. One such hard-hit industry that receives much less attention is the field of non-profit and civic society organisations. This issue features an article about a foundation established by a VEKHZ member dedicated to raising awareness of and educating people about a little-known type of cancer. “Who cares about that? Who even knows what ovaries are?” – Find out more about where this shocking statement comes from (please note: it was one of my work colleagues!) in our portrait of Erika Gideon (p. 13–15).”

Portrait Erika Gideon
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