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Giving feelings a shape

“My objects show the thoughts and internal processes I’ve had in the past few years – like letting go, rediscovering forgotten resources, getting better,” explains Daniela Sprenger. Creative work must have done the trick because right now everything is quiet on the cancer front. The photographer from Wängi, in Thurgau, will be exhibiting a series of works on paper as part of the Kulturbühne 2021 in early May.

On the eve of World Ovarian Cancer Day in 2019, Sprenger participated in a panel discussion at an info session hosted by the Manja Gideon Foundation. In a matter-of-fact and powerful way, she told her story of being a cancer patient and BRCA carrier. One long-term side effect of her treatment is chronic fatigue. “I am still learning how to live with that,” she explains.

She draws strength from creating. She and the artist Paola Walter-Soldato will be showing their work in an exhibition entitled “Ein-Blick in unser Schaffen” (“A look/Insight into our work”) at the latter’s studio in Tuttwil. Both women want to show the interconnectedness of things and give emotions a shape. For instance, Sprenger demonstrates how, page by page, something new and beautiful can be created with a book, some glue and a lot of time, while Walter-Soldato sculpts multi-layer, diaphanous forms out of cable ties.

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Highlights form the May 2019 info session

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