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A family tree can save your life

A family tree can save your life

Science journalist Theres Lüthi wrote about hereditary ovarian cancer for the NZZ am Sonntag magazine.

Read it online or Download the PDF:

Download PDF • 135KB

“The idea that ‘A sheet of paper and a pencil can save lives’ might sound exaggerated, but it is absolutely true,” explains Dr. med. Michael Rabner. Getting an overview of the history of a disease in one’s family with a simple family tree can help identify at-risk patients. It allows women to take advantage of more thorough screening and/or prophylactic surgery that can save their life.

“I would recommend that anyone and everyone to fill in a simple family tree like this, and if there is a family history of cancer, to seek medical advice and, if necessary, genetic counseling.”. Download the family tree form

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